Can You Use Your Neiman Marcus Card At Fashionphile?

Can you negotiate with Fashionphile?

Does FASHIONPHILE negotiate prices.

We do not negotiate pricing for FASHIONPHILE or FASHIONPHILE Outlet.

Prices are fixed at the amount indicated on the website..

Are the bags on Fashionphile real?

Excellent company that has authentic… Excellent company that has authentic handbags and accessories at a great price!

What percentage does real real take?

85%It pays. Receive up to 85% of each item’s sale price.

Does Neiman Marcus sell Chanel bags?

CHANEL Handbags at Neiman Marcus.

Is Fashionphile a public company?

Fashionphile is an online fashion resale website where consumers can buy and sell women’s luxury designer used handbags, accessories and jewelry….Fashionphile.TypePrivateFounded1999FoundersSarah DavisHeadquartersCarlsbad, California , United StatesWebsitewww.fashionphile.com2 more rows

Where does Fashionphile ship from?

Community Display. What shipping service does FASHIONPHILE use to ship within the US? Domestic orders shipped are sent via UPS.

Why is Fashionphile more expensive?

“Due to the rare and exclusive nature of this bag, the asking price is slightly higher than retail.”

Why is Birkin bag so expensive?

Why is Hermès as expensive as it is? Part of the reason for the high prices of the bags, the Birkin in particular, is that the supply is restricted to special clients, resulting in waitlists that can be as long as six years. With a supply much less than the demand, it’s only natural that this fuels the price growth.

What does Fashionphile pay for bags?

How much commission do they take? They give you a straight forward buyout price. You get 70% of the sale price. Handbags priced over $3,000 you will receive 85% of the portion of the selling price above $3,000.

How does Fashionphile discount work?

The very first thing to check if you have never been to Fashionphile is their Last Call. These are products that have been there more than 90 days and will increase in percent discount by 1% each day until day 15, meaning you can get up to 45% of their already discounted prices.

Does the real real buy outright?

Our sell upfront program allows you to sell select watches, fine jewelry, handbags and sneakers, and get paid upfront, without waiting for your items to sell. You can choose payment in cash or site credit (+10%), which you will receive within two weeks.

How long does it take to sell on the real real?

It is in both of our interests to sell at the highest possible price within 30 days to ensure the consignors are getting paid as soon as possible. Our pricings are based on algorithms, item type, age, condition.”

Is Fashionphile owned by Neiman Marcus?

Neiman Marcus has acquired a stake in Fashionphile in its second online acquisition after MyTheresa. Neiman Marcus recently announced a minority investment in Fashionphile, a reseller of luxury handbags and accessories.

What percentage does Fashionphile take?

– 15% of the sale price for the portion of a sale price in excess of US $3,000.

How much is Fashionphile?

The 20-year-old Fashionphile says it has 15,000 items in its inventory and is profitable, with sales growing 50% year over year for the last five years. The reseller expects its sales to reach $200 million in 2019.

Do you pay tax on Fashionphile? sells bags directly from its website and on eBay. The company collects sales taxes from customers who live in California, but not from people who live in other states, Davis said. … But the purchases aren’t really tax free under the law.

Can you trust Fashionphile?

Before any items are listed for sale on the site, they are checked by two highly qualified authenticators specializing in specific brand names. I’ve always felt 100% confident that the bags I buy from Fashionphile are just as legit as the bags I’d buy at say, a Neiman Marcus.

Can you return on Fashionphile?

Yes! We want you to be happy with your purchase. All item(s) must be returned to FASHIONPHILE within thirty (30) days of the purchase date with tags attached and in the original condition in order to receive a full refund.

How long does it take for Fashionphile to pay?

Please note for check payments sent within the Continental US may take 7-14 business days for delivery. International mailing addresses may take 14-21 business days.

Does Neiman Marcus sell Hermes bags?

HERMES Paris Collection at Neiman Marcus.

Can you Afterpay Louis Vuitton?

Afterpay Your First Designer Bag With Royal Bag Spa Today From Gucci items on Afterpay to Louis Vuitton items on Afterpay, we have it all here at Royal Bag Spa. No matter what luxury item you are looking for, we have luxury brands here that will appeal to a wide range of customers with different fashion tastes.

What is Fashionphile outlet?

What is FASHIONPHILE Outlet? Answer. FASHIONPHILE Outlet offers pre-owned handbags and accessories that don’t quite meet the condition, style, or price point standards for FASHIONPHILE, giving you an opportunity to score the same ultra-luxury brands you love at an amazing price.