How Do I Replace Damaged IC?

How do I replace my IC?

If you lose your Identity Card (IC), you need to report the loss to ICA and apply for a replacement in person within 14 days.

If you are a victim of crime, e.g.

theft, you will need to file a police report.

If your IC was lost for any other reason, you can fill out a statutory declaration when you report the loss..

How can I replace my Malaysian IC?

The applicant can apply for replacement of lost identity card online at using the “MyKad Replacement System” application if no change of photograph or particulars of the Malaysian applicant is involved.

How long does it take to replace IC Malaysia?

Applicants who choose to collect their MyKad at the Putrajaya NRD Headquarters and the Selected Branches with distributed printing machines may do so within 30 minutes. Those who choose to collect it at any NRD branch offices in Peninsular Malaysia will be able to do so within 5 working days.

What do I bring to an IC?

Required Documents (Originals) For MyKad ApplicationApplicant’s Documents (Originals) Birth Certificate or Adoption Certificate or Citizenship Certificate or confirmation of citizenship status or Citizenship Form or Appendix A (JAKOA) … Sponsor’s Documents (Originals) Identity card.

Where can I replace damaged IC?

How to Apply for Replacement of Damaged Identity Cards?The applicant is required to go to any NRD counter; or.Apply online as follows: Through the website using the “MyKad Replacement System”; or. Phone-in service at 03-88808066. (valid for Malaysian applicants who do not need to change their photographs or particulars)

How much does it cost to replace lost IC?

“Applicants who applied to replace their IC for the first time will be charged RM100. For second replacement, the fees will be RM300 while the third and subsequent replacement will be RM1,000. “For the first application to replace lost IC, applicants can proceed to the National Registration Department (NRD) counter.

What should I do when I lost my IC?

Make a police report. Whether it’s due to crime or your own negligence, always make a police report for your lost IC. If you don’t have the time to visit the nearest police station, you can make your police report online at e-reporting.

Can I add English name in my IC?

It is added into it when you were borned, it can always be edit/deleted if need be. Just the procedure/method to change it requires additional steps. What you’re trying to do is change your legal name. This is more than just getting your IC reprinted with your English name on it.

What age do you change IC?

Identity Card (IC) holders must re-register when they reach the age of 30 (before their 31st birthday) and again when they reach the age of 55 (before their 56th birthday), if they have not been issued with a replacement IC within the last 10 years.

How much does it cost to replace Nric?

The cost of replacing an NRIC is about S$60. Citizens pay S$10 and the balance of S$50 is subsidised. PRs pay a higher fee of S$50. These fees have been charged and unchanged since 2000.

How much does it cost to make a new IC?

The replacement fee is $100 for the first loss and $300 for subsequent losses. If a lost IC is found after a replacement has been issued, the old IC must be returned to the ICA.

What can people do with IC pictures?

they can use it to apply loan, be it car loan, motorcycle loan, personal loan. Last time people said when you crossed or no crossed your IC also they can take to apply loans, ah long etc etc.

What should I do if I lost my wallet in Malaysia?

Don’t panic just yet – you can avoid identity theft by taking the right steps….7 Things You Should Do ASAP If Your Wallet Is Lost or StolenCall the police. … Close your debit and credit cards. … Keep an eye on your accounts. … Change automatic payments. … Call your local transport authority. … Ask for help.More items…

Do we need to bring IC overseas?

You are right to fear losing your passport or having it stolen while overseas. … You will need to bring along the police report, a passport photo, and verification of your citizenship (such as an IC, marriage licence or birth certificate).