Question: Is It Spect Or Spec?

Does respect have a prefix?

Answer to your question is no prefix of respect.

Not in English, but it is derived from the Latin verb respicio, in which re- seems ultimately to have been a prefix.

Compare the Online Etymology Dictionary entries for respect and disrespect.

Dis- is a prefix added to respect to form the word disrespect..

What does graph mean?

noun. a diagram representing a system of connections or interrelations among two or more things by a number of distinctive dots, lines, bars, etc. Mathematics. a series of points, discrete or continuous, as in forming a curve or surface, each of which represents a value of a given function. Also called linear graph .

What does the root spect mean in the word spectators?

seeLet’s begin with the root spect, which means “see.” Spectators, or those who “see” something, such as a sporting event, often expect or wait to “see” something spectacular, or worthy of being “seen.” As these spectators watch a sporting spectacle, they are often aided by spectacles, or glasses which allow them to “see. …

How do you observe something?

observeto see, watch, perceive, or notice: He observed the passersby in the regard with attention, especially so as to see or learn something: I want you to observe her reaction to the judge’s watch, view, or note for a scientific, official, or other special purpose: to observe an eclipse.More items…

What words have spect in them?

9 letter words containing spectinspector.spectacle.spectator.spectated.spectates.respected.respecter.inspected.More items…

What is the root for people?

phrasal verb. If you are rooting for someone, you are giving them your support while they are doing something difficult or trying to defeat another person. [informal] Good luck, we’ll be rooting for you. [

What does circa mean?

Circa (from Latin ‘around, about, roughly, approximately’) – frequently abbreviated ca. or c. and less frequently circ., cca. or cc. – signifies “approximately” in several European languages and is used as a loanword in English, usually in reference to a date.

Does spec mean look?

-spec- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “look at; examine.

What does biannual mean?

Biannual can mean two things: occurring once every two years or occurring twice per year. Biannual is a synonym of biyearly, which can also be used to mean every two years or twice per year. (Biyearly can also mean “lasting for two years,” but this meaning is rarely used.) The adverb form of biannual is biannually.

Whats the meaning of spect?

Single Photon Emission Computed TomographyMedical Definition of SPECT SPECT: An acronym that stands for Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography, a nuclear medicine procedure in which a gamma camera rotates around the patient and takes pictures from many angles, which a computer then uses to form a tomographic (cross-sectional) image.

What does the root Greg mean?

-greg- , root. -greg- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “group; flock. ” This meaning is found in such words as: aggregate, congregate, desegregate, gregarious, segregate.

How does a spect work?

How does a SPECT scan work? SPECT is a nuclear imaging scan that integrates computed tomography (CT) and a radioactive tracer. The tracer is what allows doctors to see how blood flows to tissues and organs. … The computer collects the information emitted by the gamma rays and displays it on the CT cross-sections.

What does PET stand for?

polyethylene terephthalatePET, which stands for polyethylene terephthalate, is a form of polyester (just like the clothing fabric). It is extruded or molded into plastic bottles and containers for packaging foods and beverages, personal care products, and many other consumer products.

Is spect a word?

Spect is a root word that means to look.

Which root means look at or observe?

vis. see, look at, observe.